How To Choose The Perfect Cable Machine Handle For You!

by Vikki Schembri
How To Choose The Perfect Cable Machine Handle For You!

A Cable/Pulley Machine can be one of the best pieces of gear you can introduce to your home gym… if it is accompanied by the perfect handles, that is!

When you look at our website, it may be exciting to see all the handles we have. But it can also be intimidating! Straight bars, bent bars; round ends, pro-style ends; long and short; there’s lots to choose from!

One thing to note right off the bat: each of our attachments includes a universal attachment point. A standard carabiner will loop through the hole in the center swivel or mount (depending on the handle). This makes switching between handles during a workout fast and easy.

But back to deciphering the differences between the handles! Let’s break it down together so you can find which one is right for your goals!

Straight Bar

The Straight Bar Attachment is perfect for pulling and pushing exercises that work your triceps, biceps, lats, core, and more. We offer this attachment in 3 different lengths: 12”, 14”, and 20”. Each one is knurled and features rubber end caps to help you hold on through all your reps.

This bar is very common and popular, and ours is made with a shackle swivel where it attaches to the pulley machine. This allows for the bar to move as you do, resulting in smooth & fluid movements during your exercises. The following movements are great for this bar:


  • Lat Pulldown
  • Seated Row
  • Bicep Curls
  • Lat Pushdown
  • Cable Shrugs
  • Tricep Overhead Extensions

D Handles

These heavy duty, chrome plated handles come in single and double styles.

The Single Handle Attachment is perfect for unilateral movements. Working on one arm at a time, for example, fixes muscular imbalances. Fixing muscular imbalances helps you attack weaknesses and it can also help you ward off injury!

The Double Handle Attachment - also known as the T-Bar Row Handle - allows for both hands to grip in parallel, neutral positions to work your back, bis, tris, and more. This style is really great for pull downs and rows.



  • Cable chest fly
  • Bicep curl
  • Cable (incline) chest press
  • Russian twist
  • Shoulder external rotation
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Side raise
  • Low crossover
  • High crossover
  • Torso twist
  • Triceps kickback
  • Wood chops
  • One arm triceps extensions


  • Seated rows
  • Face pulls
  • Standing rows
  • Close grip lat pulldowns

Rope Grips

Pushdown, curl, and pull your way to a chiseled Adonis physique with these nylon Tricep Rope attachments! This piece is the most popular attachment for cable machines and a must-have for your pulley set up.

The Tricep Rope is constructed with a strong and thickly threaded black rope, fitted with rubber stoppers to aid with grip. The Single Ended Rope is 13.3” in length and 1” thick; and the Dual Ended Rope is 24.2” long and 1” thick. We made it as durable as possible so it can hold up rep after rep. No assembly required – clip it onto your cable machine and get it done!

Since the Rope is made from a rope and not metal, it's more portable and takes up less space. The flexibility also allows for a more extensive range of motion than a straight bar for face pulls, for example. Cable rope offer options for building muscle in your rear deltoids, shoulders, upper arms and forearms; and they can aid in strengthening external shoulder rotators. 


  • Triceps pushdown
  • Rope hammer curls
  • Face pull
  • Cable Pull through
  • Seated row
  • Cable crunch
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Straight arm pulldown
  • Cable front raise

Pro-Style Lat Bar

The Pro-Style Lat Bar looks similar to the Straight Bar we mentioned before - but you'll notice that there are handles at the end of the bar. These handles allows for a neutral grip to be used, which is especially useful for people with limited wrist mobility.

We offer 3 different options of Lat Bars to hit your lats and target your traps, rhomboids, and serratus: 38”, 34”, and 24”. The 38” bar is angled; the 34” and 24” bars are straight. Each Bar has knurled handles on the ends for wide grip and a knurled bar in between for narrow pulldowns.

Each bar is constructed with solid steel, finished with chrome, and fitted with a smooth-moving swivel. This piece is super versatile, since you can do wide neutral grip, and narrow over- or under-hand grip exercises. 


  • Standing or Seated Lat pulldown
  • Biceps standing curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Two arm curl
  • Pushdown
  • Seated row
  • Shrugs

Multi Exerciser Bar

Last, but definitely not least, the Multi Exerciser Bar!

The Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar is 13” wide. The arms extend from the center anchor point down, then out. There is 6” of knurled rubber on the horizontal portions of the Bar, and 4.5” of knurled rubber on the vertical portions. There is a circular, rubber end cap on either end for a comfortable, reinforced grip.

This bar allows for wide grips and narrow grips to let you workout your entire back!


  • Bent over rows
  • Seated rows
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Close Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Incline Tricep Extension
  • Hammer Curls