5 Must-Haves For The Best Home Gym Set Up

by Vikki Schembri
5 Must-Haves For The Best Home Gym Set Up

Having a Home Gym is a great way to ensure you can let your fitness flag fly for the foreseeable future. Pandemic or not, having the right tools in your home or garage can make it easier for you to stick to your goals and stay consistent.

Regardless if you have been working out in your home gym for years, or if you are just now thinking about bringing the gym home, there are a few components that are essential! Today, we’ll discuss 5 pieces of gear that will allow you to get the most out of your workout while keeping your home/garage in tip-top shape!

Comfort, safety, cleanliness, and motivation – oh baby, that’s a recipe for home-gym-grown gains.

Gear To Measure Your Efforts

Just moving is great. Setting your fitness goal as moving everyday is fantastic.

But tracking PRs and timeframes and doing EMOM’s, AMRAPS, and various other acronym-style workouts will keep you motivated and focused.

More than that, tracking your progress is a great way to know where you’re at; what workouts are making you faster and stronger; and there’s nothing like a ticking clock to increase the intensity of your workouts!

Our Synergee Gym Timer comes in Small,Medium, and Large sizes. This clock in any size is the perfect tool for measuring and tracking progress.

Proper Storage

Clutter is distracting, frustrating and bad for fitness.

Did you know it is scientifically proven that organization boosts productivity? While most of the research is centered around workspaces, we’ve seen firsthand how this over to the fitness and gym world, too!

Save yourself time and stress; reduce clutter; and stop yourself from getting frustrated before your workout starts so you can use that energy busting out reps instead.

We’ve got storage options for bars, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga mats, and more!

Place To Rest

Having a spot to sit between reps is key. It is especially important after a tough workout. If I take a seat on the floor after a sweat session I risk the chance of not being able to get back up…

We’ve got a few options for rest spots; and, bonus, all these “seats” are also functional pieces of workout equipment!

For example, a Bench, Plyo Box, or Yoga Chair would all be perfect options for taking a beat between sets. Comfy and also extremely versatile and functional!


Tile, concrete, and hardwood floors can all be problematic for effective workouts. Especially if you have larger equipment, you don’t want to deal with the risk of gear sliding mid workout on your slick floor tiles!

Our Foam and Rubber Flooring is a great option for keeping your gear in place, reducing impact on your joints during explosive movements, making for a more comfortable workout, and ALSO protecting your floor!

Barbell Collars

If you use a barbell, you need aluminum barbell collars. Treat yourself without breaking the bank. These collars will make you LOOK FORWARD to loading and unloading your bar…

Ok, maybe that is a step too far! But these collars are strong and keep your bumper plates in place during each rep and after every drop.

These collars stand the test of time and are easy to put on, clip on and take off your barbell. Compact, light, looks beautiful, and set at an affordable price.

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