You Deserve Aluminum Collars: 3 Reasons To Throw Out Your Spring Collars

by Vikki Schembri
You Deserve Aluminum Collars: 3 Reasons To Throw Out Your Spring Collars

On a seemingly regular Friday morning, I opened my email and found a product review from Steve.

Steve is a Synergee Athlete. He has a Synergee Regional Barbell. And recently, he bought himself some Aluminum Barbell Collars to go with it.

He left us a glowing review titled, “Aluminum Barbell Collars...Why did I wait?”

And it left me flabbergasted. I was – as the kids say – “shook”.

Are there still people out there using spring collars?!?!

Are there still folks that go all the way to the gym, put weight on their bar, and then have to sift through spring collars that have been bumped and warped and tangled to just get through ONE REP?!

Are there still poor souls that - upon finishing a heavy deadlift or squat or press - are forced to squeeze those spring collars and risk a horrible hand cramp?


If you are one of these sorrowful individuals, don’t worry. We aren’t judging you. We are here to help. THIS ENDS NOW!


You work your BUTT OFF at the gym! You spend hours loading, lifting, sweating, and swearing as you transform into a stronger-, healthier-, happier-than-yesterday version of yourself.

The least we can do for you is offer Aluminum Collars at a mind-blowingly low price; and the least you can do for yourself is take us up on that offer and buy yourself a pair.

For real, this is a type of self care!

And here are 3 reasons why our Aluminum Collars are superior – especially when compared to Spring Collars – that should get you off your butt, on the computer, and hitting add to cart (if you aren’t already doing that)!


We don’t recommend you put a bumper plate on your bar, hold it in place with an aluminum collar, and then stand on it in a precarious way to test its strength… we already did it, and it holds up like a champ.

Our aluminum collars require less fixing and adjusting than silly spring collars. If you drop your bar, they keep everything in place so you can pick it up and get back at it.


These Aluminum Collars can be brought anywhere and everywhere. If you work out at home, they take up virtually no space and do not have weird arms haphazardly sticking out.

Our Aluminum Collars do, indeed, have an arm; but it can be set in the locked position for storage.

And if you don’t work out at home, you can easily toss the collars in your gym back and take them with you. That way, you’re guaranteed to have sturdy, dependable, beautiful collars for ever lift!


Whether we’re talking about their looks or functionality, these collars to not let up. We have sets we’ve been using in our Synergee Fitness Gym for years, that have withstood the force of thousands of cleans, snatches, deadlifts, presses, bails and drops.

And all of them still look incredible.

And all of them still hold the bumper plates in the exact place they are supposed to be.

Spring collars don’t look good. And they warp easily. Sometimes you need two on each sleeve to keep the plates in place – and that’s double the agony. That does NOT happen with Aluminum Collars!


My advice? Treat yourself!

But what I really mean is if you don’t have aluminum collars yet, then please, PLEASE, PLEASE be kind to yourself and buy yourself a pair.

Better yet: if you have a friend suffering through the spring collar mess, be a pal and buy them a pair.

You can find them in our shop at here.

Happy shopping – you deserve it!