We Will Give (One Of) You $1000 For Sharing Your Personal Fitness Story

by Vikki Schembri
We Will Give (One Of) You $1000 For Sharing Your Personal Fitness Story

It’s true. We have $1000 and $250 worth of fitness equipment to give to one hard-working and dedicated future – or current! - fitness leader.

It could be you! And all we want in return is a story.

Yup, $1000 for 500 words. That’s $2 a word! That’s more than any writer I know makes!

How do I submit my story?!

Last year, we launched the Synergee Scholarship. Since 2019 we have rewarded one more athlete with a Synergee scholarship. And we are excited about all the future post-secondary student we will provide a scholarship to in recognition of their passion for fitness and commitment to leadership! Any post-secondary student in Canada or the US is eligible!

This doesn’t mean you need to be entering or enrolled in a kinesiology program; it doesn’t even mean you want to be a fitness instructor when you grow up; we will be giving this awesome award to whoever has the most inspiring fitness journey that demonstrates the values Synergee holds near and dear.

Fitness is about unlocking your true potential, whether you are on your own, working out with friends and family, or pushing forward as a team. It’s about becoming stronger, fitter, faster, and happier – because is there anything more satisfying than defying your “I CAN’T”-s until they become “I CAN!!!”-s?

All you need to do is get your story in by September 30th– as well as a few other bits, like 2 reference letters, eligibility form, and post an “I applied!”-style status on Social Media – and you will be in the running to be the next Synergee Scholar!

How incredible is that?! All the info you need is here. Don't delay - apply!! 

What's Synergee's motive...?

Our motive is philanthropic; we want to ease the financial burden that school places on many student's shoulders so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor more fully and lead a healthy life - mentally and physically - while studying.

$1000 is a lot of money to give away. But we don’t see it as giving money away; we see as giving back to the fitness community and investing in a future fitness leader’s success.

We are only as strong as our community is, and strength comes from more than lifting weights and running sprints. We understand school is expensive and out of reach for many because of its cost. Moreover, even after paying tuition, maintaining a budget that allows you to eat well and work out regularly along with your studies is a struggle. So, we want to help.

While we don’t have a hand in lowering tuition fees, we can help one Athlete from Canada or the US with $1000 and a Dorm Room Fitness Pack worth $250.

Our ultimate goal is to help people lead healthier, fitter, happier lives; so it is a no brainer that we’d put out a scholarship, right?

And it's a no brainer that you should apply! :)