Top 3 Equipment For Small Spaces & Big Gains

by Vikki Schembri
Top 3 Equipment For Small Spaces & Big Gains

What are the top 3 traits home gym equipment can have, ESPECIALLY when so many of us are working out in our living rooms, apartments, or with kids running around (I mean, doing school online...)? They are:

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Compact & easy to store

This week, we’ll show our top 3 choices of equipment that check all these boxes. They’re seriously the whole package – they’re easy on the wallet, on your home space, will help you do numerous workouts, and get after those gains.

Let’s start with…

Resistance Band Bow

Our Resistance Band Bow is might make some people scratch their heads. It’s somewhere between a mix of resistance bands and free weights, with excellent portability and versatility! Squats, presses, glute bridges, deadlifts – anchor it in place with your feet and sub this gear in for a barbell for any workout that calls for one!

This bow system allows you to snap 1 to 4 bands in place, adding 10-100 + lb of resistance to your workouts. We sell additional bands for extra UMPH – add a pair of 50 lb or 60 lb-resistance bands to your order for workouts that are low-impact on your joints and high-impact on your fitness.

The Bow can also be broken down into 3 pieces for easy transport or storage.

Still unsure? Misty S, a verified buyer, shares her experience:

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  We have been thrilled with our resistance bow. It is a solid piece of workout equipment. The bands are great they offer a wide range of resistance. You can use one band or all at once. The variety of excercises you can do with this one piece of equipment is endless. My boyfriend build his own small platform to use with the bar. Definitely not necessary, but a nice additiion. …

Bonus: the the workout you can get from the resistance bow, it's relatively small, so storing is a breeze. It's easy to breakdown, but just as easy to slide under a sofa or put it in a closet. You will not regret this purchase.”

Plyo Box

A plyo box will be your best friend. But you’ll also maybe hate it a bit because your calves will be so sore after using it... like, hate it in a good way, you know?

Whether you decide to bring the wooden, non-slip, or soft plyo box into your home, there is SO MUCH you can do with it.

Box jumps, step ups, Bulgarian split squats, pike push ups – the list goes on. This Box will open numerous possibilities for your training routine and it is extremely durable. And with 3 different heights on EACH box, your plyo box will be perfect for athletes of different skill levels in your household, or give you a goal to work up to.

While it is a little bulky – it is a box, after all – the box makes a great seat or makeshift coffee table, and thus becomes a perfect piece of equipment for a living room that doubles as a home gym. You will not regret bringing this into your home gym, even if its on the smaller side!

Todd, a buyer from the US, was “very pleased” with his Non-Slip Plyo box:

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very solid, good dimensions for a variety of exercises while remaining stable. Just what I wanted. Only took 5 min to put together.”

Weighted Workout Bars

Synergee Weighted Workout Bars give you the weights you need in the most convenient, compact, and comfortable package imaginable!

They come ready to use and will have you sweaty in seconds! When your hands get sweaty, in particular, the durable & comfortable foam padding reduces slippage, meaning you can lift without worrying about dropping the bar.

These bars are great for new and experienced lifters. They come in weights from 5 lbs to 25 lbs, and can also be bought in sets if you are looking for more than one weight.

Something our athletes LOVE about them are their soft padding and easy storage. With rubber capped ends, even if they are dropped, they are way less likely to cause damage to you or your home. Which is a huge bonus for athletes who work out in small spaces, especially if there are sentimental or fragile things in the same spot you workout!

Treat them like a barbell for lifting workouts – or pop them into your pilates or barre routines! They add the perfect amount of weight to your workouts and easily tuck away when you’re done.

Lori told us all about her happy experience with her weighted workout bars:

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Weighted Bar Without The Clutter Mess of Plates -- I loved doing weight classes in a gym. It was easy to do since the gym has everything and a ton of space. Since things have been weird with gyms because of this COVID stuff, I have decoded to make a gym in an extra bedroom home now. These bars are FANTASTIC! They give me exactly what I need without the clutter of plates and something bulky to store it all. And the cushioned wrap on the bars, very comfortable! I highly recommend these bars to anyone. I loved the text messages from the company letting me know exactly where my order was every step of the way.”