Small Space & Big Goals: 3 Tools To Help Your Small Gym Work Better!

by Peter Spina
Small Space & Big Goals: 3 Tools To Help Your Small Gym Work Better!

Did you know it is scientifically proven that organization boosts productivity? While most of the research is centered around work spaces, from my own experience – years of working out, working at a gym, coaching, and now writing about working out – I have seen firsthand how the same sentiment carries over to the fitness and gym world, too!

A more organized space results in more efficient workouts and helps you sustain your motivation!

Think about it: how discouraging is it to trip on a kettlebell or have to sift through power bands trying to get prepared for your workout? How difficult is it to get a workout done when your equipment is lying haphazardly everywhere? How distracting is it to be on constant look out for toppling weighted bars when you’re trying to do sit-ups, double unders, or any other movement?!


Even if you don’t have a drop of Neat Freak blood running through your veins, the physical space that unorganized equipment takes up is going to harsh your workout mellow. If you could have your bars mounted on walls or your equipment could be wheeled in/out of reach as needed – wouldn’t that make the world a better place?

Ok, maybe not the world – but it will make your gym more conducive to working out. And isn’t that the point?!

So please enjoy these 3 Tools that will help your gym space – small or big, but especially if it is small – work better, which will make your WORKOUTS better! YAY!

Barbell Gun Rack

A horizontal wall rack will do wonders for your home, garage, or commercial gym! Three Olympic or standard barbells can fit on this rack and take up zero – that’s right ZERO – square feet on your gym floor! That means you have more space for USING the bars, rather than having them sitting around!

This Barbell Gun rack can be mounted on any solid wall to store your bars horizontally and off the ground. It will keep your bars organized, easy to access, and protect them from scuffing, scratches and damage.

Accessory Rack

Never search for where you misplaced your favorite bands again. You can keep all your gym gear in one place and easily visible, ready to use whenever you please.

This wall mounted rack comes with 5 pegs to help you stay organized. Store resistance bands, jump ropes, belts & much more.

Foam Roller Rack

Our Foam Roller Rack has 4 wheels – 2 which lock – to give you the freedom to move it around or set it in place. Increase your mobility with this mobile rack: wherever and whenever it is needed!

These racks are primarily made to hold your yoga mats and foam rollers – but they also make a great spot to hang your jump ropes, mini bands, and more! Get creative with it!

Go ahead! Get organized

Save yourself time and stress; reduce clutter; and stop yourself from getting frustrated before your workout starts so you can use that energy busting out reps instead! Invest a little bit of time and money into organizing your gym space and watch the gains grow!