Keep Moving And Reduce Soreness With Active Recovery

by Kelsey Coccimiglio
Keep Moving And Reduce Soreness With Active Recovery

Whether you struggle to stop moving and you tend to burn out, or you are happy to take a rest day but then you struggle to get momentum back… it may be time for an Active Recovery Workout!

What is active recovery, you ask?

Active recovery is low intensity exercise and can be especially beneficial after strenuous activity: for example, following a long week of back to back workouts, or a competition.

When your body and/or mind feel too tired or sore to complete a big, sometimes moving but at a slow and steady pace can be more beneficial that stopping all together! Active recovery, of course, should not take the place of rest if you are sick or injured.

But Active Recovery can increase your blood flow which can reduce swelling, soreness, and make you more alert even after a very strenuous week!

We’ve got some GREAT equipment that would perfectly suit active recovery workouts – let’s explore em together!

Active Recovery #1: YOGA RINGS

Stretching is a great way to get your blood moving without getting too much of a sweat going! Our Yoga Rings provide a deep stretches and can be used as an extension of your arm to relieve some of the strain that comes from intense stretches! For example, ese them for modified Couch Stretch and Thread the Needle!

The Yoga Rings are also well suited for self massage and can relieve soreness through rubbing. Throw on some Enya, grab your Synergee Yoga Ring, and let the movement soothe you!


Are you used to using barbells? Does a day away from weights make your heart cry a little bit? Well, what if we traded the barbell for a different bar?!

Our Weighted Workout Bars are perfect for light workouts and can be a huge benefit to lifters who need a break from heavy weight and volume!

The bars go from 5 lb sto 30 lbs. Choose your favourite weight lifting workout and perform it in a slow, controlled manner with one of these lower weights.

For example, my favourite workout is DT. I would adjust it with the 25 lb Workout Bar for an active recovery day like so:

    12 Deadlifts
  • 9 Hang Cleans
  • 6 Jerks
  • 1 min rest

*Breathe between every rep! Focus on good form!*

Active Recovery #3: RESISTANCE BOW

Light resistance training that focuses on core and hips can be especially great for an Active Recovery day! The Resistance Bow provides that and more!

Choose bands that will provide a resistance setting that is on the lighter side; and remember that moving is the goal – not breaking the PR for most hip thrusts!

The following workout will get your blood flowing which can bring nutrients to the muscle tissue you are working without strain or tearing.

3 rounds, 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest per movement:

  • Glute Bridges
  • Plank (no equipment needed)
  • Seated Press
  • Bear Crawl (no equipment needed)
  • Bicep curls
  • Front Squats

*Rest 1 minute between rounds*