How To Get Your Barbell Out Of The Shipping Tube!

by Vikki Schembri
How To Get Your Barbell Out Of The Shipping Tube!

We take packaging our barbells very, very seriously. We want our barbells to arrive in pristine shape to you, just like you ordered them!

Unfortunately... that means our packaging is pretty tough. 💪

We've been asked a few times via reviews and email for an explanation of the best way to open the barbell's shipping tube; so that's what today's blog post is about!

Before your start opening the tube, here's a tip:

Have a rag/paper towel around. Our barbells are coated in a layer of oil to protect them during transit, and this oil can make the bar tough to handle out of the tube and needs to be removed before use.

It may also be ideal to prepare a spot to put the bar after you get it out of the packaging that can stand getting a bit of oil on it - or, laying down some cardboard or paper towel so the surface underneath doesn't get oily.

We apologize if you've been having issues getting the tube open and it's causing frustration; we’re just really meticulous about our gear arriving safely!

So thanks for your understanding 😊

Step 1

First, remove all of the screws on at least one end of the shipping tube.

Step 2

Once the screws have been removed, raise the barbell up so it is standing vertically with the unscrewed side down. This will allow the barbell to place pressure and force on this unscrewed endcap.

Step 3

Then, with a bit of UMPH, lift and drop (don’t lift too high and guide it on the drop!) the tube so the bar can hit against the end cap to loosen it and push it off the end of the tube. Stop hitting the tube against the ground when the cap starts coming off and remove it with your hands the rest of the way.

IF this doesn’t work, take a butter knife or something similar to carefully to pry the end cap off. We do not recommend using sharp objects or drills; and if you do choose to use those tools, please be sure you are pushing them away from y our body - not toward - to avoid injury.

If you are still having issues after trying both these methods, please reach out and I will provide some other solutions. You can contact us at

Happy lifting!! 

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  • Paula

    I wish this article was out earlier, lol! I ordered 2, the first took 2 people and an hour but I found the trick for the second. After I unscrewed the lid I used a small screwdriver that fit into the holes and pushed upwards. 15 minutes I had the bar out!