Having A Home Gym Increases Results: Here's Why

by Joey Huneau
Having A Home Gym Increases Results: Here's Why

A home gym isn't going to give you a six-pack overnight, but it is an incredible resource for sticking to your personal fitness goals.

What Holds Most People Back from Achieving their Goals?

One of the biggest, most common excuses people have when it comes to working out is, “I’m too busy”.

However, this excuse falls apart if you aren’t “too busy” to check Instagram, watch Netflix, and other leisure activities.

And there’s no shame in doing these activities! It’s just the “too busy to exercise” excuse doesn’t hold if these other activities are getting done on the regular.

Instead, there are two problems at play keeping you from your goals:

  • You don’t make time to workout
  • You need to make working out as easy as sitting on the couch and turning on the TV.

And this is where the home gym comes in!

Having a home gym increases results because it takes away the regular obstacles that would stop you from working out in the first place. The less time you make excuses and the more time you spend actually working out, the more results you unleash!

A home gym saves time and money, keeps you from making as many excuses, and unlocks levels of fitness-greatness in the comfort of your own home. All of these factors lead to a more successful fitness routine and gains.

How a Home Gym Allows You to Make Time & Save Time

Where is your nearest gym?

How long does it take you to drive/walk/bus/bike/sashay there; park; check in; change; and be ready to workout?

Do you spend an extra 20 min packing a gym bag with clothes and snacks? Then do you have to cart said-inconvenient-bag around all day to stop by the gym after work?

Do you spend 5 minutes talking with Brad or Brit between sets, when you could be knocking out extra reps?

No more of that!

Now your travel time is the distance from one room to another. You can get changed – or heck, strip down to your skivvies to get a workout in! Your gym, your rules!

You can get a 15 minute workout done in 15 minutes at your home gym, instead of over an hour at your local gym once travel, changing, waiting for your equipment, and chatting with Brad or Brit is all done.

You’ll miss less training days because you’ll have less excuses. It will always be more convenient to get a home workout done, than a workout anywhere else!

Make your Workout Work for YOU

As we said before, it is easy to come home, flop on the couch, and turn on the TV. If you make it as easy to come home, go to the garage, and flop on your bench, you increasing the chances of getting a workout in, instead!

As you are lying on your bench, you’ll think, “Well it feels silly to just lay here and NOT do bench presses…”. All of a sudden you are doing bench presses when you otherwise would have been watching TV and voila!

Meanwhile, if you had a gym membership, you'd lie on the couch and think, "Well I'm too darn comfortable to get up, get changed, drive over there..." - see the difference?

More results come from more time spent working out and you just transformed potential TV time into Gains Time; that is key to success.

Plus, if you STILL want to watch your favorite show, kill two birds with one stone! You can watch an episode while you hammer out reps if that is what you need to do to get yourself motivated.

Your gym. Your rules.

That is the beauty of the Home Gym. And that is why it is your chance to get more results!