Catching Rays & Gains: Top 6 Picks For An Awesome Outdoor Workout!

by Peter Spina
Catching Rays & Gains: Top 6 Picks For An Awesome Outdoor Workout!

Hey Athlete,

Have you been outside lately? Have you taken a second to soak up some sun, feel the wind in your hair, and run your hands through some grass?

Especially these days, when report after scientific report unveils new  health benefits that come with spending time outside, it would be awesome if you could catch more rays to go with your gym gains, right?

Well, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to get outside more, look no further: You can bring your WORKOUT outside!

It can be hard to stop and smell the roses when your life is busy, so here are 6 pieces of fitness equipment that are perfect for enjoying the wonderful, bright, abundant bounty of Mother Nature… AND get a sweat on at the same time! Hooray for MULTIPURPOSE ACTIVITIES!

1) Wherever, Whenever Resistance Bands

Cue up some Shakira and get those Bis, Tris, Glutes and Thighs FIRING! Because wherever, whenever, you & your Synergee Bands are meant to be together!

Performing a strength and resistance workout outside is easy peasy with a set of our resistance bands – Mini or Power!

Bringing your barbell outside can be scary! You don’t want to mess up your grass or driveway, or damage your bars or plates. So don’t even risk it – grab a set of Bands and grind your muscles through a workout worry free!

Plus, Resistance Bands have been voted as athlete’s favorite and best-valued equipment for under $50! They’ll fit everyone’s budget, space, and workouts: they are everything YOU are looking for!

Need ideas for exercises? Check out our blog post from March that tells you 5 awesome exercises to do with them!

2) Bring it on back with our Synergee Ankle Weights

Not a fan of running? Throw a pair of our Synergee Ankle Weights on and get walking!

Our Ankle Weights are adjustable, so they can be as light or as heavy as you want them to be (up to 10 or 20 lbs, depending on which model you go with).

They are the most portable piece of fitness equipment we sell – literally, they are made to be thrown on your ankles and transported wherever you go. And they cost as low as $40 USD.

Note of caution – refrain from doing too much of a good thing, and don’t use the ankle weights every time you walk! But, when used in moderation (like most things in life), they add a pleasant muscle burn to any hike and turn an unsuspecting walk in the park into a calorie-destroying good time! 

3) Muscle Up a Tree with Gymnastic Rings

Our Synergee Rings can be set up in seconds; and can be hung essentially anywhere! Head outside with your rings, throw the straps over any support, adjust the ring height, and start moving! Soon enough, you’ll be thinking, “Ceiling beam? Tree branch? Jungle Gym? They all look like places to hang Gymnastic Rings to me!” It’s perfect for your garage, the park, and more.

No more dreaming of a cool breeze caressing your skin as you perform muscle up after muscle up – now you can make it a reality! Just make sure your support is secure – and then you are safe to pull and swing your way to new heights in fitness. 

You'll be singing, "With birds I share this-a beautiful viewwww"

4) Limitless Weight Options with Bumper Plates or Dumbbells

We’ve already talked about how scary it can be to bring your beloved barbell outside. If you’re looking for something a bit heavier than the Resistance Bands, take the Bumper Plates or Dumbbells out for a walk! Literally.

These weights are awesome for farmer walks, and farmer walks are great for your body. Have you ever heard of the saying Farm Strength? Farmer Walks are named accordingly because you get farm strong – strong in terms of functional strength and endurance – by doing them: makes sense, right?

Need some workout ideas? Start here, with our blog post called “No Bar, No Problem!”

5) Rough & Tough Sandbag

Synergee Athletes have been blowing up our newsfeed tagging us in videos of them using our Synergee Sandbag! These Bags are built to take a beating, and they’re made with the intention of giving you a workout that will leave you gasping for air – and wanting more!

The Sandbags are made with triple-stitched Nylon to keep the weight inside and to allow you to throw it over your shoulder, over your head, squat it, and more as you run with it up a hill or up, up and down a sidewalk, or drag it around your garage floor.

The shifting sand inside adds a unique challenge that the fixed dumbbells, bumper plates, and barbells don’t, meaning your body has to shift and adapt to control the load. This builds the capacity of different stabilizer muscles that might get neglected otherwise.

Plus, the fact that you can get a grueling strength workout done outside with this durable piece of equipment also helps you work on your tan, which might be neglected after all those indoor sweat sessions!

6) Cushion-Your-Back-and-Work-Your-Core Mat

Sit ups are a go-to exercise to get that core summer ready. But how are you supposed to do those on the ground if it’s uneven? Using our Core Mat, you silly billy! The Core Mat is perfect for bringing outside and it allows you to comfortably do sit ups anywhere and everywhere.

You will love/hate how the Core Mat removes every excuse that used to keep you from doing your sit ups outside! Plus, they make a great head cushion for handstand push-ups, a knee cushion for lunges on pavement, tummy & hip padding for back extensions, and more!

A few extra essentials you should bring for your workouts:

Make sure you’re equipped for the conditions and keep your body safe from the sun and heat! Other than that, enjoy a great workout in the great outdoors!