And The Winner Is: Introducing Our Synergee Scholar!

by Peter Spina
And The Winner Is: Introducing Our Synergee Scholar!

Megan is from Thunder Bay, ON.

She is in her third year of her Kinesiology Undergraduate Degree at Lakehead University.

Not only that: Megan is also our FIRST SYNERGEE SCHOLAR!

About the Synergee Scholarship

The Synergee Scholarship was launched in this year, in 2019. It is funded solely by Synergee Fitness Worldwide Inc. Through the Synergee Scholarship, we aim to support and inspire the fitness leaders of tomorrow.

We understand school is expensive, and paying for it can a) keep people from attending school in the first place, and b) can cause a lot of stress for students and take time away from their healthy habits, like physical activity. Plus, as a company that is dedicated to health, we know having a post-secondary education is tied to leading a healthier and happier life. So we want to help!

This generous award of $5,000 USD is awarded to a student who is a fitness enthusiast and leader; who believes in the life-changing power of sweat; and who is pursuing a future in fitness and health. One student a year will be selected for this award, as we do what we can to help them lead a happier and healthier student life! 

Megan: The Epitome of a Fitness Enthusiast!

From a young age, sports and fitness has played an integral roll in Megan’s life.

From basketball to martial arts, Megan has been both a teammate and a leader. Whether it’s starting an intermural team with her university friends to encourage them to play basketball on their study breaks or teaching at-risk youth martial arts and self-defense to raise their confidence, Megan loves sharing her knowledge and love of fitness with everyone she meets.

Megan is determined to be a Chiropractor. After completing her Bachelor Degree, she plans to move to Toronto to complete another 4 years of intense schooling. She can’t wait to help others through a health-related career.

Outside of school and work, she will continue to encourage her friends, family, and all those around her to find solace and enjoyment through movement.

Megan has been awarded $5000 to alleviate some of the financial pressures that come with post-secondary education. Her dedication to making fitness goals more accessible and achievable to those around her – through teaching others and her unyielding excitement – makes her the perfect candidate for the Synergee Scholarship.

In her words…

“The Synergee Scholarship will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Chiropractor and help with all the costs that come with moving to a new city and being a full-time student. I believe I was chosen because I value accessibility, and that’s what Synergee is all about. It is a relief to have some of my school costs covered, and this scholarship will allow me to continue staying active in my free time. Thank you, Synergee”

Our Next Scholar: Could it be You?

We had so much fun providing Megan with a $5000 USD scholarship, and we are determined to keep doing it for other students for the foreseeable future!

Keep your eyes peeled in February: we will be launching our Second Call for Submissions for the Synergee Scholarship!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@synergeefit) to stay up to date, and check in on our Synergee Scholarship Page to watch the countdown until the next award!