6 Ways to Amp UP Your Workouts!

by Vikki Schembri
6 Ways to Amp UP Your Workouts!

Let’s start this blog post with an honest but perhaps controversial statement:


Half of you reading this are nodding. Half of you are shaking your head saying, “BLASPHEMER!”

And you’re both correct!

Even if you LOVE working out, I think everyone can attest to having experienced a boring training day. Moreover, most of you reading this have at one time or another fell out of Fitness Sync due to boredom or apathy or other feelings of “blah”-ness.

Working out often is very exciting and enjoyable and keeps us coming back for more. But it can be boring for a number of reasons.

What can we do when we get hit with the BLAH’s?

This blog will go over 6 actions that will give an exciting jump-start to your workouts. Get pumped mentally while you’re getting pumped physically and let’s have a good, fun, hearty time, alright?! If your gym grind is grinding your gears lately, these tips should help!

1. Establish a Pre-workout Routine

Creating a pre-game routine can help you get in the zone. It will help you get psyched about the gains you are about to attain.

I know, I know. Life is busy and you have people telling you to create a morning routine, a sleep routine, and a every-minute-of-every-day routine and it’s getting on your last nerve…


Creating a Pre-Game ritual can be as simple as:

  • Spending your commute home to your garage gym or your drive to your gym listening to a pump up song.
  • It can be writing out your proposed workout in your Fitness Tracker and coming up with 1-3 areas of focus you want to concentrate on in your workout session.
  • Getting a little bit of food in your belly, mobilizing for 20 minutes, then getting into your workout
  • Take some time to think about how working out is a gift; an act of self-care; time for you to be selfish; an investment you are making in yours and your family’s future; a celebration of all you are capable of

Spending the hour before your workout performing a ritual will get your mind and body prepared for your workout. Focus on the awesomeness that is about to come your way when you step into the gym.

2. Stay Pumped

You know that level of psyched-ness we just talked about? Maintain it during your workouts.

You can do that by creating a killer gym playlist: music is an incredible tool for maintaining high energy levels and staying motivated during a workout session.

A motivating playlist that helps you get and stay in the zone can help you maintain a high level of intensity throughout your workout. And THIS is great, because it will result in more gains.

It might also help to decorate your home gym with pictures of athletes that inspire you; phrases that help you remember why you work out; or you can set up a board with your current goals you are working towards to remind you of the long-game you are playing.

3. Failing to plan is planning to fail

I have said it before, and I will say it again.


Walk into the gym with a plan. Make your sessions part of a bigger goal.

It’s easy to ask yourself “Why am I even HERE?” and feel demoralized if you don’t have an answer to that question.

Figure out what your answer is. It might be:

  • “Because I want to pass my fitness test”; or
  • “I want to be able to do an unassisted pull up”; or
  • “I want to have the biggest biceps out of all the moms/dads at after-school pick-up”

And then, subsequently, “Performing exercises A B and C will get me there. THAT’S why I am here.”

You can find a program online, create one yourself, or find a gym that does it for you. But reduce the amount of time you spend overthinking your workout or breaking between sets by constructing a plan of attack that will give you a sense of purpose when you enter the gym.

4.Try New Exercises/Weights

You might be bored of your workout simply because you are doing something that you are not interested in.

No offense to Zumba instructors. I know people that love Zumba; that have achieved their ideal body weight and composition through Zumba classes; and people that have found their life purpose through becoming a Zumba instructor.

But if I tried to workout solely by doing Zumba classes, I would be unsuccessful. I like lifting heavy. I do not enjoy working out in synchronization with others. I enjoy working out in small groups, either by myself or with 1-3 others. And I like to choose the music.

Of course, there is merit in pushing yourself to perform exercises you don’t want to do. But ANY exercise is better than NO exercise if the method you are forcing yourself to do is so unpalatable you avoid it.

If you feel stuck, try new exercises. Buy yourself a new piece of equipment.

(We have some new and interesting equipment - like Indian Clubs, Sandbags, Yoga Rings, and more! They might ignite your fitness fire!)

OR, if you like what you are doing, add some weight!

If you’ve been lifting 95 lbs for the last 100 years, try 100 lbs. If you have been doing knee push ups all your life, try adding 1 unmodified push-up; then 2; then 3; and see how far you can go!  

Finding a workout routine that interests and excites you will help you be less bored during your workouts. And ensuring you are pushing yourself regularly will also keep you wanting more. Those PR highs get addictive!

5. Find a Workout Buddy

The gym is for exercise, not socializing. But a little bit of friendly encouragement and competition can make workouts more exciting. And using a workout as a place to connect with a friend who is also into fitness and goal-oriented is great.

Even BETTER if they have a knack for pushing you to work harder than you would alone!

Having someone to say “Add 5 lbs to that bar” or high five you at the end of a session is priceless.

Having a workout buddy can be the perfect motivation for days you don’t feel like going to the gym, too. You can convince yourself you’re going to see a friend – one you don’t want to bail last minute on – and it haaaapppens to be at the gym.


6. Ensure You are Resting & Eating Enough

Your interest in working out may be waning because you are burnt-out.

Have you taken a rest day lately? Are you eating enough? Are you sleeping well?

Ensure you are providing yourself with the whole package of wellness activities – the exercises part needs to come with the nutrition and rest/sleep.

If you find you are stalling before your workouts, feeling disinterested or moody and irritable, you’re exhausted, and you leave the gym feeling crappier than when you entered; it may be time for a rest day.

Sometimes, pushing yourself to show up and put in the work is an act of dedication and results in you feeling accomplished.

But when it starts to feel like you’re forcing yourself and every day becomes a bigger struggle… consider taking a day off unstructured exercise so you can let the excitement and appreciation for exercise grow again.

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