6 Unconventional Workout Tools You Need To Add To Your Training! (Part 1)

by Vikki Schembri
6 Unconventional Workout Tools You Need To Add To Your Training! (Part 1)

There is fitness equipment that you would undoubtedly find in any gym you step into: barbells, dumbbells, benches, pull up bars…

These pieces of equipment have been adopted into the mainstream for numerous reasons: namely, their simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility!

But there are a few other pieces of equipment that are simple and effective, too!

For some reason, some awesome pieces of equipment haven’t received the same level of attention and universal integration into the fitness world!

Why? We’re not exactly sure…

But we’re determined to change that!

We want to bring these awesome pieces of equipment to the forefront. Particularly, the Battle Rope, Yoga Rings, Multi-Grip Bar, Farmer Walk Handles, Ruck Plates, and Change Plates!

If you haven’t heard of this gear, we don’t blame you! And we are here to help.

If you have any questions beyond what we cover in this blog, please reach out!

We are happy to answer the questions you have! Feel free to reach out over email or Facebook. We love chatting! 😉

So as not to bombard you with information, we are going to cover 3 pieces of equipment this week – Battle Ropes, Yoga Rings, and Multi-Grip Bar - and the other 3 next week!

Let’s go learn!!


We’ve covered the Battle Rope a couple times in our blog. Namely, it provides a full body workout that is similar to running; but for the upper body!

While running is a high impact exercise that is known for stressing your knees, battling ropes are super low impact! Exercising with battling ropes = less strain on your body.

Plus, rope exercises burn an average of 10.3 calories per minute – that’s even more than burpees.

To use the Battle Ropes, you need to start by anchoring them. They can be looped around a Pullup Rig, a GHD Machine, a sturdy post, or the anchor that we provide in the package.

Once secure, the exercises you can do with Battle Ropes are pretty intuitive; but they require proper technique to avoid injury.

Waves, slams, whips and spirals with these heavy ropes are ultra-challenging. Keeping them in constant motion requires concentration and endurance.

The ropes can also be used for dragging/pulling exercises; and people have incorporated plyo metric movements into their Battle Rope routines… Just check out how much fun Kaisa has with Battle Ropes!!

 Notably, Battle Ropes require some space for set up. The lengths we offer are 30, 40, and 50 ft ropes. When halved, they require at least 15, 20, or 25 feet of space; with some wiggle room for the anchor set up and so that you can move them comfortably.

The ropes are quite resilient and coated in a nylon cover. If you have a garage gym, you could always attach the anchor outside and then bring the rope out to slam, whip, and spiral on your driveway or grass.

If you haven’t tried out this tool yet, what are you waiting for? Learn more about it here!


“What the heck are these rings?” you ask?

Let’s begin to answer that question by putting some more words into your mouth!

Have you ever watched a yoga video and thought, “Man I’d love to increase my flexibility. But those moves look like they require waaaaaaay too much flexibility for me to even try!”?

The Yoga Ring will help with that.

The Yoga Ring is great for anyone looking to improve their mobility – beginner or advanced – but is particularly useful for people who need a little extra leverage to get into their stretches!

Looping the Ring on your foot can aid you with movements that require great flexibility to pull your legs towards your body. For example, if you want to do something like the Couch Stretch, which involves you pulling your heel towards your butt while in the bottom of a lunge, that requires you to wiggle and shimmy and twist until you can grasp your foot.

Guh I am out of breath just writing that.

With the yoga ring, simply place it on your foot and hold it in a spot that allows you to sit deeply into the stretch without contorting yourself into a human pretzel.

The Yoga Ring is also awesome for self-massage – rub it on over-used and under-stretched muscles like your hands, pectorals, feet, and glute. You can use it similar to how you would a lacrosse ball.

In short, it’s an incredible tool for stretching and releasing fascia.

Plus, it is small, light and compact, so it can be taken anywhere and everywhere to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness wherever you go!

If you experience soreness or stiffness (who are we kidding, YOU DO) then this Yoga Ring is FOR YOU!


The Multigrip Bar goes by a few names: The Swiss Bar. The Football Bar. And, of course, The Synergee Multi Grip Barbell.

If you peruse the internet, you will see that different Multigrip Bars from different manufacturers will feature different types of grips. Multiple rotations; straight bars; and more.

Those guys can do their own things; but with the Synergee Multigrip Bar, we provide 4 different grips. Actually, 8 different grips if you include that you can change the rotation of your grip by flipping your bar over!

If you have any shoulder mobility issues, the Multigrip Bar will be your best friend. The standard barbell can be a pain (literally) for people with limited wrist, elbow, and shoulder mobility. Without the right level of mobility, the range of motion of these movements can be restricted; and then the best movement pattern can’t be actioned. Which also isn’t a good thing.

So why not shift things a little? Admittedly, this bar will be awkward and less than ideal for moves like deadlifts. So if you are looking for a bar you can do EVERYTHING with, there are limitations with this particular one.

But pressing motions? That’s its bread and butter!

Bench press, bicep curls, skull crushers, and rows feel AMAZING with the multigrip bar. And you’ll never ever get bored with them since you can switch up your grip in so many ways.

Plus, you can throw your Synergee bumper plates and collars on there, just like a regular bar. So they are compatible with equipment you already have! SCORE!

And you can store it in most barbell holders the same way you would your Olympic or Power lifting bars. 

If you are an avid bencher/presser/curler/crusher, you'll love this piece of equipment.

And if you don't, like ALL of our Synergee Equipment, you're covered by a NO SWEAT GUARANTEE (i.e. 30 days, free return/exchange, no restocking fee). No risk, all reward. 


Does that clear a few things up? Is there anything else you were wondering about the Battle Rope, Yoga Ring, or Multigrip Bar?

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Tune in next week: we'll tell you all about Farmer Walk Handles, Ruck Plates, and Change Plates!