4 Tips For Staying Motivated In The Winter

by Vikki Schembri
4 Tips For Staying Motivated In The Winter

Between COVID and winter approaching, keeping your fitness motivation strong might be tough!

But don’t you worry – the Synergee Team is here to help!

We have 4 Tips for keeping motivated and staying on track with your fitness goals. As the days get shorter and colder, these little changes will help you break through that winter slump and keep on keepin on!! 

Workout at Lunch

It is dark when you leave the house. It is dark when you get home. It can feel very “but it’s nighttime: I should be sleeping, right?” and I don’t blame ya!

Working inside or outside in the middle of day can help you workout at the warmest, brightest part of the day. As well, it can give you an afternoon break that can reset your brain, get your blood pumping, and help the rest of the day be more enjoyable!

Mix Up Your Routine

I’m not saying retail therapy will solve all your problems… but getting a new piece of equipment and or trying a new workout routine can peak your interest and increase your motivation!

A small study in Florida found that “variety is the spice of life – at least in the workout room”. Study participants who varied their workouts enjoyed their workouts more and were less likely to stop working out compared to people who repeated the same workouts over and over.

Our latest equipment that our Synergee Athletes have been raving about is our Resistance Bow. Add it to your fitness arsenal to add some new moves, challenges, and resistance levels! 

Just get Dressed

Instead of thinking about the workout ahead, take it one step at a time. As you approach your workout, just think about getting dressed first. Put on your workout clothes, and the rest should fall into place.

It’s a bit of a mental trick you can do to get the process started if you are dreading it or feeling resistant. Once you have your workout clothes on you might feel silly NOT working out; or, if you’re like me and can’t workout in anything but shorts, you might need to workout to stay warm!

Once you're dressed, you're halfway there!

Focus on the Mental Health Benefits

Wearing warm layers during the winter can make us feel cozy. I know that wearing 2 or more layers of wool makes me less inclined to go for run and more inclined to curl up on the couch with my favorite TV Series.

But when I take a second to consider how I feel at the end of an hour of lying prone on the couch and alternating between actually watching my show or scrolling through Instagram… compared to how I feel at the conclusion of an hour of stretching, sweating and cooling down: I know my mood is better, energy levels are higher, and I have a better sleep when I do the latter.

Focusing on the instant mental health benefits, of course, can work in the summer too – but since the winter cold and darkness can have a huge effect people’s moods it can be especially helpful now!

How do you stay motivated to workout during the winter?

Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!