31 Jan 2017

Sofia Rizzo – AOTM February 2017

Q- When did you start at Synergee?
A- I joined Synergee in September 2015.

Q- How has your fitness changed over the past few years?
A- My fitness level has increased tremendously since joining Synergee – mostly, I am much more of a versatile athlete than I was previously! I used to focus mostly on “body building”, conventional types of exercises and now my workout regime has so much more variety. I also feel that conventional workouts made me focus on aesthetics a lot, and that only motivates you for so long. Now, I’m more interested in beating my previous time/weight and completing exercises that are challenging!

Q- What is your favorite movement?
A- My favorite movement would have to be the traditional squat. It’s such a great full body, compound movement and can be completed at any fitness level.

Q- Any advice for new folks starting at Synergee?
A- My advice to new folks starting at Synergee would be to get out of their comfort level! Sometimes classes/movements/workouts can seem intimidating, but everything can always be modified and there is no shame in that! We all start somewhere. Also, there is nothing as motivating as working out with friends – bring some along!

Q- What are some of your goals for the upcoming months?
A- I really want to improve in the more gymnastics types of movements – handstands, kipping, etc. These have always been a weakness for me. Specifically, one of my 2017 goals is to be able to jump onto the bar and do 1 pull-up!

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