07 Mar 2017

Sherrie-Lee Petrie – AOTM March 2017

Q- When did you start at Synergee?
A- I started at Synergee in February of 2016, and started doing Crossfit in about April.

Q- How has your fitness changed over the past few years?
A- So much! I’ve now gone from lying about physical activity (I used to say that I was going to the gym, and instead just go for a leisurely walk) to considering crossfit my go-to form of self-care.

Physically, I used to barely be able to do more than five modified push ups (from my knees). Now I can (occasionally) do a full push up! I also could barely do a pushpress with 65 pounds when I started, and now I can do 155. I can also break parallel every time I do a squat now, which is impressive because the only way I used to break parallel was using a TRX.
Further, I’ve come to appreciate my body for everything that it has survived through. This appreciation of my body, and confidence in both myself and my strength, has perhaps been the most important change.

Q- What is your favorite movement?
A- I love the backsquat. It was the first crossfit movement that I learned during personal training when I first started. One of my most powerful experiences with lifting, and perhaps the moment I knew I wanted to do crossfit, was also while doing backsquats on my own and looking up and seeing the word “power” and really believing that I embodied that for the first time in years.

I really like rowing, too. Rowing is what you make it to be; you can do it just as a warm up, cardio, or go full-out and try to finish X amount of calories in X amount of time “or else” 20 burpees.

Q- Any advice for new folks starting at Synergee?
A- Don’t feel shame in modifying! When I started with Crossfit, I had to modify some of the already-modified movements, and I felt so self-conscious about that. But the great thing about the Synergee Community in general is that people care more about that you try than that you get it perfect.

Q- What are some of your goals for the upcoming months?
A- I signed up for the Crossfit Open, and my goal for that is to simply finish every workout. More broadly, I’m starting to work on some movements that I’ve modified for the past year in order to be able to do the “full movement” (box jumps instead of step ups, doubleunders instead of singles).

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