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Synergee Flat Folding Bench
Synergee Flat Folding Bench
Synergee Flat Folding Bench
Synergee Flat Folding Bench
Synergee Flat Folding Bench
Synergee Flat Folding Bench
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Synergee Flat Folding Bench

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Synergee Flat Folding Bench

Our Synergee Foldable Bench is a must-have for athletes who want a bench with none of the bulk! This bench folds out to 15.8” x 41.6” x 12” and has a 400 lb capacity for your presses, split squat, and dip needs! Then, when you’re done your workout, it folds away into a 41.6" x 12" x 5" collapsed frame; perfect for storing under tables, beds, or against a wall!

This bench is an awesome option for home gym users who are new to lifting. With a 400 lb capacity – including the weight of the athlete on it – it can support novice to moderate weights. This bench will support your workouts without taking over your space.

Flat Folding Bench Guide

Color Black & Red
Foot Print (L x W) 41.6" x 12"
Max Capacity 400lb


This Bench is incredible for your workouts AND your workout space. This bench can be folded into a 41.6" x 12" x 5" collapsed frame. Try finding an easier-to-store bench… we bet you can’t!


Despite the easy storage and collapsible capacity, this bench can totally handle all your hefty bicep curls. Each leg locks into place with a pin to secure your bench in the lifting position. Set it and get lifting!


We selected this bench’s materials and structure design to ensure it holds up under pressure. It is made with steel and coated with black powder coat to ensure the metal underneath lasts through every workout!

Flat Folding Bench Specs

Brand Synergee
Max Capacity 400lb
Color Black
Foot Print
(L x W)
41.6" x 12"
Folded Dimensions 41.6" x 12" X 5"
Pad Thickness 1.7"
Steel 16 Gauge Steel
Weight 14lb


It's important that our bench cushion is thick enough that you are comfortable during your presses, but not so thick that you feel unstable. We've perfected that balance with our Synergee Foldable Bench's 1.7"-thick cushion. It is a layer of dense foam surrounded by stylish, vegan leather. Looks great and feels great for every single rep.


This bench arrives ready to rock! No assembly required – just fold it out. Loosen the screws, position them as needed, lock everything into place, and it takes about as long to set up the bench as it took you to read that. It’s really that easy. It arrives in the same set up that you will store it in!


Lift heavy, exercise aggressively, and don't worry about scratching your floors! Whether you're doing presses, core work, or split squats, the non-slip caps on the feet of our bench will help your bench stay in place. The feet make this bench perfect for all settings: concrete, rubber floor, hardwood, or outside.



Yes, you should be benching!

Everybody can benefit from the Bench Press! Whether you are preparing for a Lifting Meet or you’re just training for life, training your chest muscles is important for everyday, functional movements: pushing a grocery cart, throwing a ball, getting up when you fall down, and many more movements you do on the daily would benefit from perfecting moves such as the Bench Press.
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Weight Capacity 1000 lb 1000 lb 400 lb 400 lb
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