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At Synergee, we pride ourselves on being a part of the community and increasing the accessibility of fitness to others beyond our fitness equipment. Through cooperation with various charitable and for-profit organization, we are helping make the world a better place. Working out can make your individual life healthier and happier; but it takes synergy between individuals to make a strong, healthy, and happy community.

Stress Relief for Frontline Medical Staff

Medical staff worldwide are on the frontlines of the war against COVID19. Shifts are longer and more stressful than ever before. So when the Nurses of Montreal General Hospital reached out, we answered. We donated 150 Mini Bands to the medical staff to provide them with opportunities to care for themselves at this time when they are tirelessly caring for others. Their request for Mini Bands was in recognition of how perfect they are for short workouts and mobility exercises to stay strong, healthy, and resilient. To care for others, you need to remember to care for yourself. We hope this donation of Synergee Mini Bands help the Montreal General Hospital Staff achieve just that. Thank you for your service. We're all in this together.


Covid 19 has shaken the lives of people worldwide – and we recognized our local community was undergoing some very significant changes. Synergee reached out to our local community to offer $1500 in gift cards to food establishments. These gift cards were distributed among 30 different families to provide some financial relief during these turbulent times.

Lakehead University Track Team

Along with awarding our first $5000 USD Synergee Scholarship to a Lakehead Student, we also donated fitness equipment to the Lakehead Track Team to help them train better, safer, and with the knowledge that they have Synergee cheering for them! Lakehead University is the local university in our community. A large portion of the staff that run Synergee Fitness (i.e. the gym) and Synergee Fitness Worldwide Inc. are Lakehead Alumni. We understand the role post-secondary education plays in leading a healthy, happy life; and the role sports and teamwork plays to enhance the university experience.


A chance to give back to the community and workout?! Of course we are signed up! Synergee staff and members participate in local events like Matterhorn Madness, which involves running up and down a mountain until your team runs a total ascent of 1600M!! All the proceeds go to Roots to Harvest, a local not-for-profit that increases food education among youth and builds food security in our community. We understand how foundational a healthy diet is to personal health and wellness, so we’ll battle through the lactic acid to give back!


Synergee celebrates the day we opened our doors and started changing lives by hosting an annual CrossFit competition. Synergee members and athletes from nearby CrossFit gyms come to spend a day working to their max capacity and cheering on their competitors to do the same. We devote a day to celebrating and showcasing the progress our awesome community is making!


We donated over 9 000 toys were donated to Our Kids Count, a community development organization that helps build stronger families and more inclusive communities. OKC focuses on the health and development of children ages 6 and under. In recognition of how important these early, formative years are, and how strong families are the foundation of strong communities, we provided 9 000 toys to this organization.


The Underground Gym (UGG) is an incredible charitable organization run by Joey’s uncle, Peter. UGG is a gym and youth center that offers youth ages 4-17 a safe and welcoming place to work out, box, play music, cook, and do arts and crafts. It provides a safe haven where youth in need can build a supportive community through sport. Since 2014, Synergee has been donating shoes to UGG youth and their families. To date, over 300 shoes have been donated by Synergee staff and members.


Synergee Fitness Worldwide Inc. resides in a Hockey Community. For the past 3 years we have sponsored U8 Hockey Team Players to provide them with the sports equipment they need to get on the ice, have fun, and be a part of the team.