New To CrossFit?

OnBoard To Classes

Ready to get OnBoard with CrossFit? Our OnBoarding program provides you with 2 sessions which will focus on teaching form and technique with the barbell and Olympic lifts. Book them whenever it works for you! The purpose is to keep you safe and get you familiar with the bar movements.

Already CrossFitting?

ByPass To Classes

Already a CrossFitter? You’re able to ByPass our OnBoarding program! Simply arrive 10 minutes prior to the class you wish to attend and you’ll be asked to perform a couple movements to show us your excellent form. Once completed you’re prepared for a safe and sweaty workout.

CrossFit encompasses a deeper layer of fitness. With a CrossFit membership you’ll get added bonuses such as coaching on Olympic Weightlifting and gymanstics movements. Our CrossFit content is specifically programmed each week to give you maximum results that will enhance your fitness level and physique. Our coaches also have specific CrossFit certifications and coaching experience. You’ll experience more 1:1 time and in-depth learning.

CrossFit is an intense workout that will test your limits, but that’s why we love it and you should too! We are trained and certified to program workouts for optimal levels of injury-free fitness. Follow our lead, listen to your body and your coach, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of CrossFit without hurting yourself. Your muscles will be sore… but that’s supposed to happen! 

Yes! CrossFit in highly scale-able and you can begin at any age or fitness level. While we do provide an “Rx” (that’s CrossFit-speak for benchmark weight) for each exercise, everyone is encouraged to choose a weight they feel comfortable with on their CrossFit journey. CrossFit is a skill, and like any skill it takes time, patience, and dedication to improve and reach the next level. 

All workouts can be modified to meet your specific needs, even if you have an injury. If you feel intimidated by others in the class, just remember that they too started at the beginning – they’ve just been working at it longer than you. In fact, seasoned CrossFitters are an excellent source of knowledge and encouragement, so say hello, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! 

Follow your coaches instructions – they have been trained to help keep you safe and healthy. We also suggest you try our CrossFit Lift class to develop your form and technique, and CrossFit Met Con to increase your cardiovascular endurance. Always listen to your body and communicate with your coaches.  We are here to help you in every way we can, and we want to engage with you!