Home Gym Packages in Canada

by Joey Huneau
Home Gym Packages in Canada

Start building the home gym of your dreams with equipment bundles from Synergee, a family-owned business based right here in Canada. With fulfillment centers throughout Canada, your order won’t be shipping overseas or take months to arrive. You can have your home gym at your front door in just 3-5 business days.

Synergee equipment is designed for families, providing high-quality construction that works with your budget. This way, you and your family can achieve your workout goals and still afford to put food on the table.

Canadian Home Gym Packages from Synergee

With these home gym packages, you can start building the perfect workout setup with just one purchase. Each package is designed to give you all the equipment you need for several workouts.

With Synergee’s discount structure, it’s easy to get everything you need for your fitness goals without breaking the bank. For any order of $750 CAD or more, you get 10% off the entire purchase, plus a $50 gift card. Savings like this make it easy to get all the equipment you need in one bundle.

Check out these popular home gym packages:

Tier 1: Beginner Package

Get your Synergee Beginner Weightlifting Package today

Building a new home gym? The Beginner package is a great place to start. This bundle has all of your basic weightlifting needs covered. You’ll get all the equipment you need for deadlifting, overhead presses, pull-ups, lat pull-downs, squats, and much more. This package includes:

  • Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System: This is more than just a standard power rack. It also comes with J Cups, Safety Arms, a Pull Up Bar, Landmine & T Bar Attachment, a Barbell Holder, Dip Station Attachment, a Pulley Station with a 39” Lat Bar and 14” Straight Bar and Foot Board. That’s a lot of versatility in a single piece of equipment.

  • Synergee Standard Metal Weight Plates (260lb set): To get started weightlifting, you need a good set of weights (which you can store on the back of your power rack). Synergee’s standard metal weight plates have a black matte finish with a 2” opening to fit just about any standard barbell. With the 260 lb set, you get (4) 2.5lb, (4) 5lb, (2)10lb, (2) 25lb, (2) 35lb, and (2) 45lb plates.

  • Synergee Open Barbell: This black phosphate-coated, high-grade steel barbell is praised by several of our customers for being durable and perfect for long-term use. It’s built to withstand even the toughest workouts.

  • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: Barbell collars are an accessory you just can’t live without in your home gym. Get a pair of these durable, lightweight collars with a rubberized inner grip for better balance and security.

  • With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Beginner package ranges from $900 to $1,200 CAD. Plus, you’ll receive a $50 CAD gift card for a future purchase.

    Tier 2: Intermediate Package


    The most excellent Intermediate workouts use a combination of bodyweight exercises and free weight training. It’s also a form of high-intensity interval training, meaning you’ll be jumping back and forth rapidly between different exercises. Most intermediate trainers don’t want to be bogged down with bulky or super heavy equipment that limits mobility. But you also want enough flexibility to do several types of workouts in your home gym space. The Intermediate package is built just for those needs. Here’s what this package includes:

    • Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System: This power rack includes J Cups, Safety Arms, a Pull Up Bar, Landmine & T Bar Attachment, a Barbell Holder, Dip Station Attachment, a Pulley Station with a 39” Lat Bar and 14” Straight Bar and Foot Board. For intermediate trainers, this means you can do a ton of workouts in one space with durable equipment.

    • Synergee Bumper Plates (260lb set): To stay moving between sets, it’s better to opt for bumper plates over metal plates. This allows you to drop the plates quickly and move to the next station right away. Plus you can easily store them on the back of your power rack. This 260 lb set includes (2) 10lb, (2) 15lb, (2) 25lb, (2) 35lb, and (2) 45lb plates with 2” openings.

    • Synergee Regional Barbell: This is one of our best-selling barbells. Designed specifically for CrossFit, this bar is versatile enough to work for home gyms and competitions — with diamond knurling and a 1,500 lb capacity. Get one in black phosphate or hard chrome.

    • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: Secure your plates to your barbell with a pair of these lightweight aluminum barbell collars with rubberized grip.

    • Synergee Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench: With 27 different adjustment combinations, this folding bench offers a ton of versatility for several workouts. This comfortable, durable, easily maneuverable foam bench is an essential part of a home gym setup.

    • Synergee Cast Iron Kettlebell (24kg): Weightlifting wouldn’t be complete without at least one kettlebell. It’s perfect for weight progressions and for burning calories with squats, presses, swings, and more. Work almost every muscle in your body with this 24 kg cast iron orb.

    The Synergee discount puts the final price of the Intermediate package between $2,100 and $2,400 CAD. As with all purchases on our site, you'll also receive a free $50 CAD gift card for every $750 CAD you invest in your home gym.

    Tier 3: Advanced Package

    Get your Synergee Advanced Weightlifting Package today

    This home gym package is designed for serious weightlifters or anyone who wants to maximize their lifting potential with a variety of weight options. With this package set up in your home, you’ll be fully-equipped to do  deadlifting, overhead presses, pull-ups, dips, lat pull-downs, squats, bench presses, curls, and much more. Here’s what the package includes:

  • Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System: Just like the standard weightlifting package, this power rack includes J Cups, Safety Arms, a Pull Up Bar, Landmine & T Bar Attachment, a Barbell Holder, Dip Station Attachment, a Pulley Station with a 39” Lat Bar and 14” Straight Bar and Foot Board for.

  • Synergee Bumper Plates (260lb set): Bumper plates allow you to drop the plates without destroying your floor or making a huge noise. This is essential for regular, heavy deadlifting. Plus you can easily store them on the back of your power rack. This 260 lb set includes (2) 10lb, (2) 15lb, (2) 25lb, (2) 35lb, and (2) 45lb plates with 2” openings.

  • Synergee Games Barbell:This barbell is beloved by athletes for its extreme durability. With it’s Cerakote coating and 190,000 psi tensile strength rating, regular deadlifting and cleaning won’t do anything to this bar’s integrity. It’s built so you can rely on it for your toughest workouts over many years of lifting.

  • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: Keep your plates on and your bar balanced with a pair of these lightweight aluminum collars with rubberized grip.

  • Synergee Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench: Bench press under your power rack or do seated curls with this comfortable and durable adjustable bench made of 11 gauge steel. You can work out in 27 different position combinations with this bench.

  • Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbells (5-50lb set w/Rack): Any serious weightlifter needs a variety of dumbbells. Our rubber hex dumbbells are made of high-quality steel and cast iron coated in rubber. With the 5-50 lb set, you can work out anywhere in your home gym and store your entire set with a convenient steel rack (included).

  • With your Synergee discount, the total price of this advanced home gym package ranges from $4,400 to $4,700 CAD. As with all purchases on our site, you'll also receive a free $50 CAD gift card for every $750 CAD you invest in your home gym.

    Buy Now, Pay Later – Finance Your Home Gym Package

    Buying high-quality home gym equipment should be affordable, but it’s never going to be cheap. We understand that dropping a large sum of money on a home gym all at once is difficult, especially when you have a family to feed, mortgage payments to make, or other responsibilities.

    But don’t compromise on your workout goals just yet. You can have all your home gym equipment now and pay it off in easier-to-manager installments over a 3, 6, or 12-month period.

    Synergee offers 0% interest on 3 month payment plans as a promotion and benefit for our customers. On plans longer than 3 months, interest rates vary from 5% to 30%, depending on your credit.

    There is no deferred interest. There are no hidden fees. Your equipment is shipped to you as soon as you check out, and you can pay off your monthly bill with a debit card or bank transfer using Affirm’s financing portal.

    To finance any of these home gym packages, simply add all the equipment to your cart, and check out. Enter your name, email, and shipping information, then proceed to the payment screen. Instead of entering a credit card, simply click the option for “Affirm - Pay Over Time.” Once you click “Complete Order,” you’ll be directed to Affirm’s website to see if you qualify for financing and complete your purchase securely.

    Why Buy From Synergee?

    Simple: we’re people first, and athletes second.

    At Synergee, we get the struggle. We know that trying to cram a workout in between pick-ups, drop-offs, meals, and bedtime can feel impossible. That’s why we build reliable, affordable equipment that’s designed to work with your lifestyle — so you can take care of your family and still make time to take care of yourself.

    Our company is family owned and operated, and building home workout equipment is part of our origin story.

    When Joey Huneau, a busy family man and Canada native, first founded Synergee, it began as a way to encourage families all across North America to pursue their fitness goals. Joey needed affordable home gym equipment that didn’t compromise on quality. He also needed something that could easily fit in his garage or other home gym space.

    Synergee was born to meet those needs. We believe families should be able to work out together without compromising their financial stability or taking up valuable space in their homes used for other core activities. Because of this, we prioritize equipment that is effective, storable, and versatile without being flimsy or cheap.

    Our team is committed to helping full-time moms, dads, spouses, role models, caregivers, students, teachers, emergency services personnel, and all of our customers live healthier, happier lives. If you need convenient, high-quality workout equipment for you and your family — look no further than Synergee.

    Excellent Shipping, Returns and Warranty Policy

    Investing in a home gym package is a tough financial decision. That’s why we offer our no sweat guarantee. Making sure you’re satisfied with your experience buying and using Synergee products is simply part of living out our values. Our shipping, returns, and warranty policies are designed so that you can try our products risk free.

    Free and Green Shipping — That’s Hard to Beat

    All orders over $50 CAD ship for free anywhere in Canada. If you go with any of the above home gym packages, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost — that’s on us.

    All of our deliveries are also carbon neutral. By partnering with Shopify and Planet, we calculate the carbon emissions of each order that ships from our warehouse to your front door. Then, we offset it by matching that with impactful carbon catching and storage processes. This way, we ensure net-zero carbon emissions across all of our deliveries.

    Flexible Return Policy

    If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return any piece of your home gym package to us within 30 days. Whether it’s defective, too big, too small, or it just isn’t right for you, that’s fine. We’ll pay for the return shipping from your home anywhere in Canada and give you a full refund or replacement.

    A Warranty Policy Built For You

    We also offer warranties on all products (and specific parts for products) ranging anywhere from 90 days to a full lifetime warranty, depending on how you use it. We understand wear and tear happens to everything, but there’s no reason that proper cleaning and use should completely tear down any product you buy from us. We stand behind every product we sell, so if it’s defective or it doesn’t work as described, we’ll replace it.

    What to Get With Your Bonus $50 Gift Card

    If you buy any of the home gym packages listed above, you’ll also get a $50 CAD gift card for every $750 CAD you spend with us. What can you buy with $50 CAD from Synergee? Here are some things you might consider to upgrade your home gym experience:

  • Synergee Squat Wedge: Get a deeper squat with better form and less chance of injury with a pair of these squat wedges, which you can adjust for a 1” or 2” heel elevation.

  • Synergee Portable Deadlifting Jack: If you want to deadlift in front of a mirror or in a larger space than a power rack, the deadlifting jack gives you the ability to load plates on your barbell with ease in any open space (without a rack).

  • Synergee 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box: Upgrade your cardio or CrossFit workouts with the ability to do box jumps, steps, lunges, and much more. You can get a big discount on this 16” x 14” x 12” wooden plyometric box with your $50 gift card.

  • Synergee Exercise Equipment Floor Mats: Need a place to set other home gym equipment (e.g. an exercise bike) or somewhere to stretch/do yoga? Synergee’s floor mats are perfect for both. You can get a big discount on a 84” x 36” mat with your gift card.

  • Synergee Foam & Rubber Floor: Working out on your bare garage floor can be hard on your body and your equipment, and dropping plates on your apartment floor may cost you your deposit. To fix this, we offer foam and rubber connectable flooring for the perfect home gym layout. With your $50 CAD gift card, you can get 24 square feet of this floor for a fraction of the regular cost.

  • Much more to explore: Maybe you want to add a new barbell, a bigger kettlebell, or a different set of dumbbells to your gym. Maybe you want more storage, extra barbell collars, or extra attachments for you power rack. At Synergee, we offer just about everything you need to build your dream home gym. Check out our other product categories to see what’s possible in your space.

  • Buy From Synergee: Your Canada-Based Home Gym Supplier

    If you’re building a home gym and want to get the most versatile equipment for the best value, Synergee’s home gym packages are your best choice. Start using high-quality equipment you can afford for weightlifting, free weight training, agility, and resistance training — all from a family-operated company that’s based in Canada.

    Build the perfect workout center for you and your family with our exclusive home gym packages today.