Athlete of the Month

May 2018

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Marla Henderson - AOTM

Q – When did you start at Synergee?
A – Fall 2014 – when I first moved back to Thunder Bay

Q – How has your fitness changed over the past few years?
A – On top of attending the classes weekly, I have started personal training and we work on muscle groups and overall strength that will translate over to my athletics outside the gym. Alpine Ski Racing in the winter months and Running and Golf in the Summer months.

Q – What is your favorite movement?
A – (1) Box jumps (2) Plyometrics (3) Agility Ladder, I like variety in my workouts – something to keep my body and mind moving at all times

Q – Any advice for new folks starting at Synergee?
A – Try everything from classes, training and nutritional programs they have to offer and find out what works best for you.

Q – What are some of your goals for the upcoming months?
A – Continue training for the 10 Mile Road race at the end of May and complete the race with a PR (personal record) and Stay on top of my workouts and training sessions throughout the Summer months