About Us

Welcome to Synergee!

We are passionately committed to our mission – to inspire and motivate people to excellence in life through a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We are a locally owned and operated family business.

 Our story

Synergee Fitness was founded by Gina, who had the vision to create a facility that would bring health and wellness on all levels to the community of Thunder Bay. Her children soon followed suit with her son Joey managing daily operations, and her daughters Jenni and Jess coaching. Working together as family brings a special vibe to our club. We’ve expanded and added more amazing staff since our doors opened, we still welcome everyone with open arms and hope to ensure everyone at the gym feels like they’re part of our family.


High-End Customer Service

The most important part of our business is YOU. With that in mind, we strive to provide you the absolute best customer service. If you don’t leave our gym feeling better than when you walked in the door, we haven’t done our job. Whether it’s having the technical knowledge to work with your injury and adapt your workout, motivating you, offering a smile, knowing your name and smoothie order, or just feeling the positive vibe of Synergee Fitness – we promise you’ll walk out the door feeling like a million bucks!

Synergee Fitness is 8,000 square feet separated into a few amazing domains in which we operate an umbrella of services. Our reception area houses a juice bar which is open and available at all times for you to grab a healthy smoothie while you shop our range of Lolë Womens Fitness Apparel.  Synergee’s amazing studio houses the only spin theater in Thunder Bay with a 180” TV screen and mood LED lighting, which also doubles as our yoga and pilates studio. Downward dog to beautiful scenery and sounds on our big screen! We have an open gym too, comprised of functional equipment for your own personal use at any time. Battling ropes, rowers, lifting racks, kettle and dumbbells, BOSU and stability balls, a track, foam rollers and spin bikes. You can use them at your leisure to create your own full-body, functional workout. And finally, we have our “Studio 2” which houses all of our group classes and CrossFit equipment. A full rig, a large selection of bumper plates, rings, GHD’s, wall balls and a rope. You’ll find an array of group classes to suit all of your needs and fitness levels.

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Highly educated, friendly and flexible. Many of our staff are local graduates from Lakehead University’s Kinesiology Program. It’s been a great pride for us to provide job opportunities to local graduates in our community. We are constantly educating ourselves to bring the latest and greatest trends to you. Our CrossFit staff have multiple certifications in different domains. In addition, we travel together as a team to many annual fitness conferences such as CanFit Pro and SWIS to keep ourselves continually learning and growing. We are also a tight knit group who enjoys spending time together inside and outside of work. You’ll find many of our trainers and staff hanging around chatting about life, workouts, nutrition or doing a workout together at any moment.

Our workouts are programmed for the entire week to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time spent at Synergee. We’ll target every muscle group using a variety of tools. A unique blend of cardio, core and strength in different combinations, with different equipment to keep your body guessing and your mind excited and fresh. Taking things indoors and outdoors, you’ll feel like your time is flying by. Have fun while you work out.

We’ll ensure you feel welcomed and part of the group from the moment you set foot in our club. Our coaches will take time to see each one of their athletes during every class. Whether you’re brand new or a veteran we’ll ensure you receive personalized attention and coaching to help you achieve all your fitness goals.

At Synergee, we provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We treat our club the same as we would our home. You’ll find our place immaculate at any given time. Our change rooms have a warm feel and are equipped with hand towels, home style showers and an absolutely beautiful sauna. Our entrance has a cool vibe and we pride ourselves on keeping our facility neat, tidy and inviting.